Support for iPleading

System Requirements

  • Requires a data connection to function.
  • Apple iOS version works on the following devices: iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, and iPhone 4. Tested on iOS 4, requires OS version of at least 3.0 to run.
  • Android version works on release 1.5, 1.6, 2.1, and 2.2 devices.
  • Detailed Instructions

    Install and Run the App

    iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad: Install directly from the App Store or through your computer with iTunes. Follow our link to iTunes or click on App Store icon from your device, and search for 'esq apps'

    Android: Install to your phone here: Android Marketplace.

    Fill Out Your Info

    Enter your name, bar number, address, phone and fax.
    This info will appear properly formatted on your custom pleadings.
    The app will save this info for your future use.
    Note this info will need to be re-input if iPleading is re-installed.

    Optionally you may choose a firm name or 2nd attorney. The template will adjust accordingly. You can also generate a professional looking sidebar. This is a vertical box with a border midway down the left margin. The sidebar will contain your firm name or your name if none is supplied.


    Get Your Custom Template

    Choose your email destination, and click 'Generate Templates'.

    That's it! You will receive two templates, one for the first page, and one for the remaining pages. The app will report the status to you.

    Finishing Your iPleading

    For page 1, use any pdf software that allows forms to be filled out. There are many available, including Adobe Acrobat Pro, and the free Adobe Reader. Click in the forms to fill out remaining information, and then save and print the document.

    Use any software that supports Microsoft Word for pages 2 and up. There are many available, including Microsoft Office, and Open Office (free). First alter the footer text- easy instructions are on the template. This will then appear on all pages along with the page number. The Word template is perfectly spaced and will extend to any number of pages needed.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ Answers

    1. Why am I limited to 3 name changes?
      This is to prevent abuse of the software. If you need to change the name after you already have 3 times, you will need to uninstall and reinstall iPleading.
    2. Are there release plans for Blackberry, WebOS, or Windows Mobile?
      No development has been specifically slated, but we encourage emails to give us a sense of the demand for such versions.
    3. Why does Reader tell me I am unable to resave my pdf?
      The way Adobe has designed the pdf format a custom script like iPleading cannot set user rights, you will need to use Adobe Acrobat Professional or another product such as Aloaha to resave the pdf form with data filled out and maintain further editability.

      You also can save the document by printing to another pdf. For more information see printing to pdf.
    4. Why 2 templates instead of 1?
      While it seems strange, this is actually the most efficient way to rapidly create a perfect pleading. The pdf format was perfect for us to precisely control the formatting of page 1 of the pleading, but there is no way to create larger double-spaced editable fields.

      From pages 2 on, our single page Word document template can expand to any size document you need.

      You'll find that no other templates offer the speed and precision that iPleading can give you. Future versions will hopefully offer a more elegant solution.
    5. Can I re-use the templates?
      Certainly! You can alter and re-save the templates to use again and again without needing the app. There are some caveats- 1) The name and address area is not editable to prevent 'template sharing.' 2) The free pdf reader software will not let you resave an altered pdf form (see FAQ question #3)
    6. Can I start my body text on page 1?
      Yes, there is a field you can use for this, however you will need to double space it manually. Use the Courier font to match the rest of the document.
    7. Can I save my pleading on my mobile phone?
      iPleading is designed to let you finish your template on a workstation via email. Android users can save from their email to the device. iPhone/iPod/iPad users will need to download an app such as 'Air Sharing Pro' to save and transfer documents to their devices.
    8. Can I complete the pdf and/or form on my mobile device?
      The short answer for now is not easily. 'Zosh' is the only app supporting pdf forms, and is tricky to use. 'Good Reader' does not, and does not properly display the Word .doc template. Of course we expect this situation will improve over time. For more information see this page: Can the iPad be used to type documents? Can it open and save Microsoft Office files? Can it open and save PDF files?
    9. How do I combine my finished documents to send elsewhere?
      While not necessary for printing, some may like a single pdf file when they are done filling out the info to archive or send. To accomplish this, simply print/convert your word document and merge the resulting pdf with your pdf for page 1. You can use any software offering these features including TinyPDF (free, PC), Adobe Acrobat Pro or Open Office (free, PC, Mac, Linux), among others.


    iPleading was extensively tested for smooth operation. It does communicate with our server so you need cellular data or a WiFi connection. Rarely you might see an error message. This is usually due to network traffic. If this happens, simply wait and click the 'Create and Send' button again. If you are still having problems, please Contact Us